• 666785, Irkutsk region, city of Ust-Kut, Vostochnaya industrial zone 1, Russia


To execute its operations effectively and safely, LLC PLK "LENA" is committed to HSSEQ key principles. Our primary objective is the health, safety, and security of all our employees, visitors, contractors, and any other persons that come into contact with our company. Through the following aspects, our major purpose is to avoid any accidents, maintain occupational health requirements, and safeguard the environment.

  • Comply with all applicable local and federal laws, as well as applicable international standards.

  • Maintain a successful HSSEQ culture throughout the organization through proactive engagement.

  • Promote health, safety, security, and the environment throughout the organization and manage it in the same manner as other key business activities.

  • Identify and analyze possible HSSE hazards/threats, then put measures in place to avoid, manage, and limit the associated risks.

  • Set KPIs to accomplish objectives and continual improvement while performing frequent audits to ensure compliance with the targets and regulations.

  • With proper facilities and suitable protective equipment, provide a safe and healthy work environment for all workers and contractors.

  • Increase the use of green energy and seek alternatives to minimize conventional energy use in order to reduce pollution and improve environmental awareness.

  • Provide training and improve staff proficiency through internal processes and instructions.

  • Improve the culture of all HSSE reporting and ensure that all incidents and other reports are examined and corrective/preventive measures are communicated as lessons learned with the relevant stakeholders.

  • Always be prepared to respond swiftly and effectively to emergency circumstances in order to reduce the possible impact of problems if they arise.

The implementation of this policy will be strongly supported by LLC PLK "LENA" management. LLC PLK "LENA" management expects and demands the support of all employees, contractors, and anyone who work for and with them in order for LLC PLK "LENA" HSSEQ performance to ensure the sustainability it strives for in dealing with all stakeholders.