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Our Services

What we provide you

Our primary activity is the shipping, storage, transportation, and transhipment of fuel oil and gas oil. However, in addition to our 394,500 cbm tank storage facility, we provide a one-stop shop for ship owners, charterers, merchants, and port agents looking to save time and money. As a result, we are a multifunctional terminal.

Ship Transportation

LLC PLK "LENA" operates 33 freight vessels, including 15 self-propelled vessels, 12 non-self-propelled vessels, and four push tugs. In addition, the corporation uses up to ten more push tugs and two oil pumping stations for transportation. These have enabled us to strategically optimize product distribution throughout the Netherlands. Our numerous barges for inland shipments are long-lasting and reliable, ensuring that your items arrive safely at their destination.

Ship-To-Ship transfer

At LLC PLK "LENA" We offer transshipment services for LNG, crude oil and petroleum products, with a maximum draught of 9.65 meters, for both non- and ADN classified products. Our transshipment hubs enable clients to increase their fleet flexibility thereby optimizing transport costs and sailing time. Tugs, hoses and fenders for use during the operation are provided as well as the services of approved and well qualified mooring masters, environmental consultants.

Terminal Usage

LLC PLK "LENA" owns and manages tank terminals in key locations with access to significant shipping routes, rail and road networks for the processing of chemicals and oil-based goods. Access to desirable industrial hinterlands and energy markets is also provided by the terminals. An summary of LLC PLK "LENA"'s tank terminal network is provided below.

Storage Service

We maintain the safety of the product's quality by storing oil goods.

You get a broad range of individual fuel storage tanks when you entrust the storage of our company's petroleum goods; no mixing of different types of petroleum products owing to fuel delivery through separate pipes; and the preservation of your products' quality. petroleum product operational release

Truck Transportation

We transport materials by road and rail in accordance with the accepted norms and standards.

Along the traditional road routes, we have the capacity to engage over 4,000 trucks and 200 plus trains to aid distribution. Our fleet partners own and operate a delivery fleet that maintains both transport and tank wagon trucks. The versatility of delivery is a key component to successfully serving our customers’ wide variety of needs..

Leasing of Tanks

The structure of our park includes tanks with a total volume of 100 000 m3. We provide acceptance and delivery of products.

The Each tank is equipped with equipment in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety and has a system of commercial accounting, allowing remote monitoring of the state of oil products in tanks (product volume, filling height, density, free volume, overflow sensor)

Rail Transportation

Professionally manage the rail carriage of any petroleum products.

We carry the materials via train in line with the recognised norms and requirements of Ntherlands and international legislation, ensuring total safety of petroleum product transportation.

Laboratory Analysis of Petroleum Products

Petroleum product quality control is impossible without accurate and timely analysis.

Our laboratory enables us to immediately evaluate incoming storage and dispense petroleum products to consumers while maintaining continual quality control. The study yields a quality assessment based on a comparison of baseline values with the indicators of the required items.