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Great Storage Deals

At LLC PLK "LENA" Our Sub lease services for storage facilities adhere to the most severe rules and international guidelines, which means that all safety management systems are assessed by local and international authorities on an annual basis. LLC PLK "LENA" chose to use a single system for its numerous tanks in Russia, Rotterdam and Houston terminals.

LLC PLK "LENA" offers services for receiving, storing, and distributing petroleum products at own sub lease oil depots in the terminals we render services for oil and chemical reservations. The tank farm contains 2600 tanks with a combined capacity of 11,248,395 m³.

LLC PLK "LENA" offers a dependable, high-quality service for oil and petroleum storage, as well as a high degree of expertise in sourcing, logistics, hedging, and product knowledge. Customers that work with us in the areas of product storage and supply will benefit from our flexibility

LLC PLK "LENA" has invested more than $330 million in its largest petroleum products storage sub lease service in Rotterdam and Houston.

Our Mega Oil City is home to a cutting-edge tank farm with a 300-million-litre capacity, 30 loading gantries, and a trailer park with a capacity of 400 trucks. In keeping with our audacious goals, we have a plan in the works to expand the tank farm's storage capacity to 1.2 billion litres in a few years.

There is also a basic fuel management system and planned truck loading to help organize and streamline product supply.


Products to store includes Molasses, vegetable oils (soybean, canola, palm), oleochemicals, base oils, biodiesel and easy chemicals, molasses, chemicals, fertilizers, fatty acids, chemicals (waxes, MEG), fuels (flash point above 55°C).


Steam and hot water heating, air mixing, blending, dedicated systems, weighing, nitrogen blanketing, kosher storage, halal storage, customs services, inline blending and bonded storage.

Our number one focus is safety. As a result, LLC PLK "LENA", Tanks storage adheres to the most severe norms. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required. Hard helmet, coveralls, safety shoes, and safety glasses are required. It is forbidden to wear visible jewelry.