• 666785, Irkutsk region, city of Ust-Kut, Vostochnaya industrial zone 1, Russia

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LLC PLK "LENA", owns and manages tank terminals positions in key locations around Russia service ports including Rotterdam and Houston port on a sublease management with access to significant shipping routes, rail and road networks for the processing of chemicals and oil-based goods. Access to desirable industrial hinterlands and energy markets is also provided by the terminals. An summary of LLC PLK "LENA"'s tank terminal network is provided below.

We run top petroleum terminals in Russia, Rotterdam and Houston Ports. We guarantee that petroleum products are received, stored, pumped, and injected. Tank Farm consultancy services, design, project management, and site supervision for the building of tank farms and terminals represent a significant market segment in prominent worldwide projects in this area, and we have earned a name for ourselves among investors and owners.

We have a unique and autonomous position in the bulk goods supply chain for a wide variety of items.

We serve customers and clients, regional, and local scale, ranging from trading houses and majors to distribution firms. All of our activities are always carried out in accordance with the highest industry standards, as well as in a safe and ecologically responsible manner. Our highly competent and well-trained workers are dedicated to conducting business with care, honesty, and transparency.